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What You Can Get From This Simple Side Stretch

Standing poses in general are poses that involve the entire body and not only prepare you for more complicated ones but they also teach you to move in an integrated way. Especially as a beginner, but in any stage, spend some time with them, because they build the strength and endurance over time through practice, that you will need if you want to practice more complicated poses. They create a balance between strength and flexibility. Beyond the feet they especially increase power and mobility in the hips.

When you do this side stretch right it gives your pelvic organs a great impulse: kidneys, liver, ovaries & uterus or the prostate, and it stimulates spleen functions.

Endo-Gym Side Stretch, photo by Dr Peter Tompa

Let’s see what You have to do for all these:

1.Stand with your feet together and raise your arms with hands in prayer position above the head. Keep you arms alongside the ears to reach out as high as possible.

2. Take 2-3 deep breaths in this position while confirming of being grounded through the legs and feet. Closing your eyes draw your attention to your pelvis and pelvic cavity, the organs inside your lower abdomen.

2. For the side bend take a deep breath first and then engaging your pelvic floor muscles and the abdomen, drawing your belly button into the spine bend to the side with a long exhalation. The hips will naturally take on the cat tilt (tailbone points straight down and the sacrum comes to a more vertical alignment). No matter if you are a man or woman, you are lifting your belly upward into the chest, but guys need to add a little bit more focus on squeezing the buttocks, while girls on keeping the abdominals pulled backward toward the spine.

Important that you keep the shoulders and hips in one plane and correct yourself when you feel the tendency to sway off-plane by moving the upper shoulder forward or one of the hips!

3. You pause breathing as long as you can, then with a long inhalation gently come back straight, and

4. with the next inhalation prepare for bending to the other side in a flow.

Repeat it 3 more times as a warming up for more dynamic Endo-Gym exercises if your goal is to improve your hormone household.

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