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Jan 2020

This database contains self reported data on 251 women, who participated in Endocrine Gymnastics exercise sessions in Brussels and gave their written consent to publish their anonymised data for studying the effect of the sessions between 2011 and 2018. 

When GDPR was put in effect their names got exchanged with random codes of 6 to 7 characters and the original database was destroyed.

Data sheet A line 4-47

Data sheet A line 48-88

Data sheet A line 89-132

Data sheet A line 133-176

Data sheet A line 177-220

Data sheet A line 221-254

Data sheet B line 4-47

Data sheet B line 48-88

Data sheet B line 89-132

Data sheet B line 133-176

Data sheet B line 177-220

Data sheet B line 221-254

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