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Door to the Parade of your Happy Hormones

Do you feel tired but wried in the evenings when you know, it would be time to go to bed? Or you just collapse in bed at the end of the day? Do you feel you are constantly marching through your never ending to do list, and you are simply overwhelmed by your life? Do little things get to you and make you upset, when in reality you want to feel upbeat and you want to rock your forties (even in your fifties)?

If yes, you have hormone dysregulations. Your cortisol is off balance and you can expect your oestrogen and thyroid hormones out of order as well. With internal and external stressors many of the hormones get easily out of whack. It still doesn’t mean you have to worry. It only means that you should keep working on your lifestyle.

Which ever hormonal issues you may be facing with, one thing is common. The door to the parade of naturally healthy hormone flow is the LIVER. Your liver is there to process your hormones, to break them down and release them through one of the elimination pathways. Your liver is there to move cholesterol around, the main building block of steroids, such as stress hormones and sex hormones. At the same time the liver is your chemical laboratory to transform all toxins, that you are exposed to, into non-toxic substances. Think about anything that can enter into your body. Anything you apply on your skin, the water you drink, everything that you gulp down through the mouth (food or drugs) and the air you breathe, they all need to be transformed into non-toxic substances. Over time, our bodies accumulate a variety of toxins from the environment, and the liver is getting less efficient in all fronts, also in processing your hormones.

If you want to increase your energy level, you want to fix your hormonal problems, you want to start with your liver. You don’t have to alter your work schedule or personal life, just join the 5 days long Liver Treat challenge. You can still join in free for a limited period of time. We start on Monday, 16. March.

Register here, and the week before you’ll receive in your mailbox the shopping list, that you will need during these 5 days. Then Saturday you get the plan, couple of recipes, some you may prepare in the weekend up front. And finally from Monday on each day you receive a short email with instructions on your daily focus.

During these 5 days you will ease your liver instead of engaging in hard core liver detox. Hard core liver detox, if not done well, often results in headaches, exhaustion, and further unwanted symptoms, because toxins, that you release from the liver, end up recirculating back into your system. In these 5 days you will learn substituting regularly used ingredients, with less toxic or toxin free versions giving a little break to your liver. You will use binding phytochemicals or vitamins in the form of over the counter dietary supplements to catch some toxins if they get released. And you will engage into short liver and elimination stimulating physical exercises, yoga asanas. Don’t miss!

If you are struggling with hormonal dysregulations, this is your first step: TREAT your LIVER. Come, let’s begin the 5 days long challenge. It’s free only for a limited period of time.


Here come another unique opportunity for you to learn more about your hormone:

Hormone-Brain Connection female conference on 26 April. You may start sending your PERSONAL QUESTIONS to the top gynaecologists and scientists:, or even book your ticket.

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