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Cleansing without Liver Burden

With Covid-19 around we wash the hands all the time. Yesterday my love was telling me about a lady colleague with a little envy in his voice , because she can easily clean her hands at any time thanks to the hand sanitiser she keeps in her bag.

Because the ones from regular stores would burden the liver with toxins, I would not buy any of those for him, personally I stopped using them. But it’s so easy to make your own clean version.

This is what I prepared him today:

10 drops of essential oil (all essential oils are antimicrobial, but tea tree oil is the most famous for it) mixed with 10 drops of aloe liquid to moisturise and 10 drops of clear alcohol. (They say good quality vodka would also do in case alcohol is not available.) Tomorrow I’ll check if I can get witch hazel quickly, because it acts as an astringent, it could be useful to add.

Home Made Hand Sanitiser to lessen liver burden

Home made hand sanitiser to lessen liver burden

Fortunately I had one spray bottle laying around to load it all into.

On the Ease your Liver in 5 days program on one of the days we mix our own body lotion, facial cleanser and facial mask as well. During the program each day we introduce a habit that lessens toxic burden on your liver, and you will be provided with all the recipes on the right time. It’s not a liver detox, you can do it while working.

Your liver is the gateway to your immune system and your happy hormones. It will reward you for your efforts!

If you register now, you can try it free. We start next Monday, but you want to receive the shopping list first and you need time for the purchase. So register quickly. Or if you are not sure whether you need to deal with your liver, check out the signs of toxic liver here.

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