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Dr. V. conquered breast cancer twice, now she says: Never fear breast cancer again

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, chiropractor lived healthy, and for her biggest surprise she conquered breast cancer not only once, but twice. She shares her learnings and the way she dealt with this scary disease including her mistakes she made on the road in her book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally.

She says that according to studies those taking synthetic thyroid medication are twice as likely to develop breast cancer down the line. She also says it’s not that much because the synthetic drug itself, which does the job, but it does not get to the root cause, like high cortisol levels, which affects the thyroids and wracks havoc on hormone balance.

Veronique sums up her strategy in 7 essential system, it’s worthwhile to check her webpage and book out in details, shortly I give you here a summary,

  1. Let Food Be Your Medicine (food affects our gene expression, it can switch genes on and off! Eat high fibre food, flax seed every day, organic vegetables, grass feed meat, lots of cruciferous vegetables, grains at the minimum, because women who develop breast cancer are usually insulin resistant, so take fruit consumption also down; Drink filtered, pH neutral water!

  2. Reduce Your Toxic Exposure (stay away from artificial sprays and sent plug ins, put clean things on your skin, the make up, the creams; take saunas, exercises that make you sweat to take toxins out of your body; keep EMF, electromagnetic field, down; get blond coffee stimulates the liver to detox better)

  3. Balance Your Energy (proper exercise, proper sleep, balancing your hormones!, because our hormones are necessary to live, we need them, we don’t need the other hand toxic, synthetic oestrogen, chemicals that mimic oestrogen, plastics or phthalates*; keep proper oestrogen metilation, making sure that your oestrogen properly circulating in your body. Estradiol is the most aggressive oestrogen out of the three main types that need to be broken down by the liver to avoid aggressive processes. We need to trigger the liver to work better; knowing what your weaknesses are genetically, which food you should eat to support your DNA, e.g. by Nutrition Genom testing)

  4. Heal Your Emotional Wounds (take the time to look inside, to look back in your childhood and dare to accept the traumas you faced with, learn to love yourself, and forgive yourself. EFT may help to shift things.)

  5. Embrace Biological Dentistry (metallic fillings are very toxic; dead teeth, after root canal treatment are centre of inflammation, have to be removed. She recommends “flippers” made of biocompatible material instead of missing teeth or implants. She explains that implants are center of inflammation as well.)

  6. Repair Your Body with Therapeutic Plants (you can search in PubMed all the research behind many of these plants using key words of “x gien plant and breast cancer”; high dose vitamin C; Wormwood; bloodroot; poly MBA helps to restore the mitochondria; Oracel is a glyco-nutrient (I have to yet check this out, will give my findings) that helps to dismantle the cancer cell, so your immune system can recognise the cancer cell easier and destroy; test things bio-energetically;

  7. Adopt Very Early Detection (it takes 68 days for a tumour cell to show up on the mammogram if that’ what you use incorporate an ultrasound along; thermography can be an option; or Veronique suggests a model that she brought to general public My Breast Friend to help early detection, that I recommend to all.)

On our Endo-Gym programs we successfully work on oestrogen metilation, low thyroid function and adrenal dysregularities by targeted exercises and personalised food choices. See more on

Ask information:

*Phthalates: industrial chemicals used in soft, flexible plastics, certain prints and in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products. They cna be found everywhere nowadays, nail polish, shampoos, shower curtains, baby toys, vinyl flooring, car interiors and medical devices such as IV bags. Studies shows that exposure to phthalates increase risk of diabetes, wracks havoc on thyroid functions, and on women they can affect the level of reproductive hormones. One type of phthalate blocks estradiol production in the ovaries. This causes an-ovulation, or lack of egg production which in turn leads to oestrogen dominance. This can lead to other problems, such as buildup of the uterine lining with subsequent excessive bleeding and infertility. This may sound weird, but not only studies show. (Lovercamp-Swan T. Davis BJ. “Mechanisms of phthalate ester toxicity in the female reproductive system.” Environmental Health Perspectives 111; 2003.) My teacher experienced this problem, she, 40 years ago, found that she was allergic to PVC flooring which materialised in excessive bleeding until she changed her flooring.

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