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Sexy Above Fifty

[Endo-Gym is here to help you staying a woman above 45 or even 50. Apart from special exercises we benefit from special breathing techniques, too. We are going to share the ultimate Endo-Gym breathing guide in the next 7 weeks, free. Come and take advantage of this exclusive opportunity.]

Not even 10 years ago I wrote a blog about Sexy above 40, and here I am again, in 2 months time I will be 51. I’m determined to show you, that you can feel good in your skin at any age. We do age, it just happens, but you can still keep your strength, your health and capacity to do things you want.

I've done it with Endo-Gym

Stay a woman with Endo-Gym

You wouldn’t take picture of yourself when you feel ugly and fat I guess. I can’t share such “before-after” picture with you. But I found a picture of me right after delivery. Here, though heavily covered by clothes, you may suspect some differences versus the later versions of myself. I’ve been practicing regular Endo-Gym since 2014. And the best thing is, I think, that I’m at a very critical age now, when we, women, are expected to go through major erosion.

My experience here is that most regimes you can read and hear about out there are for men, and if you are a woman, they may disappoint you at some point of your life. Most likely over 45, when female tissues, muscles, joints, pelvic functions begin changing in response to perimenopause. If you are one of those women, to avoid disappointment you need to take very gentle care of yourself listening to what your body wants to tell you.

As I passed 40 and started Endo-Gym (stands for Endocrine Gymnastics, exercise routines that nourish hormonal glands) I paid more and more attention to my body posture and my breathing throughout the day, so my hormones play a role in my favour. Ongoing right body posture that will flood you with blood all over the body at any time, needs some muscle strength, no doubt ( to help building it you can check here free exercises or my free video at

What will always overwrite everything though, is your alpha hormone, cortisol. If your weight gain is cortisol related, and your eating habits are OK (no excess indulgence in carbohydrates) you can find immense support in breathing techniques. They will help you grounding in the “here and now”, they will help you taking distance from anxiety, resentment, even from cravings. And what I also use them for is to master pelvic control. It’s the easiest exercise method to practice any time no matter how you are dressed and whom you are surrounded with. I’d like to help you here, so I’m sharing 7 breathing exercises in the coming 6 days, free.

These exercises guide you through the path of transforming yourself to your better version. They will help you improve your memory, your metabolism and they will switch on your genes associated with energy and insulin, while switching off your genes linked to inflammation and stress. All these are to help you transforming your body to look and feel younger and slimmer. If you klick here, and fill in your email address, you can receive the free course in your mail box.

Your Ultimate EndoGym Breathing Guide

Your Ultimate Endo-Gym Breathing Guide

Eating habits matter (I’m working on the Real Cake Book, to summarise a good choice of non inflammatory sweets), but start with these breathing exercises! Believe me, it will be easier to make the right food choices. With this free course I want to prepare you to learn and practice more complicated breathing techniques later on, so you can master your pelvic hub no matter of your age. Sign up for this exclusive free opportunity, so you can download your ultimate Guide to controlling your Pelvic Hub, for beginners.

Hope to see you there!

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