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3 Things That Will Never Be The Same Again after this pandemic

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Today we met close friends in the park whom we like to state this special bond with a kiss on the cheek if we meet. You know where I’m coming from? And I’ve just met the father of my 8-y-o son’s friend, who’s so busy normally that we literally haven’t seen him before, but now, that his firm is dormant due to Covid, he played with the boys. And I was going to introduce myself, but instead, I waved to him from 1,5 meter distance. Have you tried?It feels weird, and they say in current climate change with which viruses and germs also find new homes, it’s better to keep this social distance for ever. Change nor.1. : Handshake and friendly kissing will find alternative gestures in social greetings. In some parts of the world such gestures have already been invented, we, in the Western World can change, too.

Before this Covid pandemic I saw a scientific article that forecasted the 21st century as the century of pandemics. We didn’t take him serious. In fact, we tend to be arrogant about our power, the human power above nature. But we may find out soon that vaccines can not solve all upcoming problems, and perhaps Change nor2.: we won’t fly around the world much in the future. Perhaps we will visit beautiful places in and around our home lands and companies will support online meetings instead of spending on flights and hotels just for a hand shake. Handshakes will be band anyways. (This would ultimately answer other questions about how to decrease carbon emission. )

Finally this leads us to Change nor3.: Since lock-down we’ve been easing into social activities, meetings and courses online. It is such a strong and efficient trend, that is certainly will stick here for ever. We need personal meetings, we need physical contact and real socialising, but bigger part of life can be run online than we’ve ever imagined. And if you tried, you most likely noticed how convenient actually it is to follow group events, workshops, exercise classes in Zoom or other platforms, even conferences with 100 plus attendees where you can form smaller subgroups if needed. All this in your trustworthy environment within no time reach.

As this trend is surrounding us, we can also recruit women from around the world to join some of our studies on how exercises affect the hormone household and certain body parts that we didn't presume before. We are working with women currently.

Get in touch if you are interested:

***See more about the Endo-Gym® assessment:

The assessment was organised by the Institute for Endocrine Gymnastics. The participating women suffering from P.C.O.S., early menopause, POF (premature ovarian failure) or subfertility were between 32 and 47, and woman suffering from menopausal symptoms were 48 or older. Age distribution amongst P.O.P (Pelvic Organ Prolapse) occurrence was between 36 and 53. The outcome of the study shows that these functional exercises have a positive impact on ovarian reserve, AMH, on muscle tone and in general on the feminine tract and personal wellbeing. This assessment indicates that further studies worth the effort.

More details will be revealed soon, read the full article:

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