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Sexual Optimisation

One of the mothers in my son’s school is happened to be a plastic surgeon. She’s obviously on the top of anti ageing medical therapies. And my love is a molecular biologist. Last week on the yearly big school party, along a glass of beer (unfortunately for my waistline…) the four of us, two fathers and two mothers, we were discussing the future of medicine. It’s stem sell treatment, no doubt. However, we need to wait another twenty years to enjoy its full capacity the experts say.

Stem cells are primitive cells, can turn either into the target tissue cell, or turn into a new version of themselves. They have the ability for intercellular communication. They can notice signals from other cells asking for healing. Stem cells are responsible for healing – when you have an injury, they get activated. As you age you can notice that your injuries, wounds are healing slower. Your stem cells are one hand vanishing from certain areas of the body and the response on their activity is decreasing, too. In certain clinics they offer stem cell treatment, when they harvest your own stem cells from your bone marrow or your fat cells, and they inject them to those areas where you …wish. Depending on the speciality of the clinics of course.

There is one in the U.S. now, where they offer a full body stem cell makeover. In one sedation all joints, facial skin, hair, and the lower, delicate body parts get stem cell injections. These latter ones called the P-shot and the O-shot, or collectively “Sexual Optimisation” (1) and reportedly they improve sensation further for women incontinence as well.

One problem with these kind of treatments is that it’s extremely expensive (can be from $5-$25 thousand), the other is that the results are not close to consistent, and the third is that it’s not marked completely safe.

Until stem cell treatment rolls out to general public, we need to keep ourselves in the best possible shape, so we still will have active stem cells to harvest for potential treatment twenty years down the line. For keeping our stem cells healthy and active experts say we need to keep sugar intake low, eat healthy fats and practice intermittent fasting every once in awhile.

I’m completely into these health tips. But those who can’t wait, and really can’t get over something by exercises, right diet and sleep, may find PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, the small sister of stem cell treatment, also promising. My plastic surgeon friend is the closest, she’s practicing this treatment for face and hair, and Dr. Konstantinos Sfakianoudis, in Athen, does PRP treatment to reinvigorate fatigued ovaries in condition of early menopause. I will talk to them in more details and share what they say, what could be possible and safe, when more natural remedies don’t seem to help.

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