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Balance and train your Core

You want to relax your adrenal glands, calm your nerves down, and you need to strengthen all just in a little time. Go for this exercise.

In yoga it’s called the boat or Navasana. You would think all you need for balancing in this position, is abs. Yet what you need more here is your psoas that goes underneath your abdominal muscles and you will also strengthen your quads and abs eventually.

Psoas is a pair of symmetric deep core muscle, as huge as nearly your wrists, that originates from the two sides of your spine at your lower back, and coming forward in your pelvic cavity it turns again slightly backward to attache to the inner top of your femurs. Psoas have vital role in lower back conditions and female pelvic functions. If you are a woman, keep training and stretching your psoas to prevent or overcome pelvic dysfunctions.

photo by Dr Peter Tompa

You don’t need to get into the full position straight away. You may just start with the first 3 steps. Get used to it, get familiar with how you feel in this 3rd step position couple of times, it can take weeks, and only when you are ready to do effortlessly, extend your legs eventually.

  1. Start with sitting on the floor tall, so you sit up on your sitting bones, not rolled back on your tailbone.

  2. Bend the knees and plant the feet in the floor. Hold your shins to help lift your chest, and observe if you feel stable. If yes,

  3. Lean back a little and extend your arms parallel to the floor, feet on the floor, and chest lifted. This is the beginner’s Navasana, when you already strengthen of the psoas as well as of your back and abdominal muscles.

  4. When you are ready, lean back a little farther, lift you feet up slightly and holding the legs bent, arms straight feel your balance.

  5. Finally extend the legs as well.

After this position do the warrior to stretch the psoas.

photo by Dr Peter Tompa

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