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Those little voices in the head

Hormonal transitions alter sense of reality.

The hormonal transitions through a female life alter sense of reality

Yesterday I heard little voices doubting in Me. That “I shouldn’t have laughed so much when I talked to X”, and “I could ‘ve got into trouble when …” and I saw a violent scene in front of my eyes, etc. And as I was listening to these inner voices with a level of surprise, I said to myself “This can’t be true suddenly, I toke it all as innocent then and there, when they were happening… “

And I realised that my period was going to come.

This subtle symptom of doubting, questioning and worrying inner voices in the head is not called PMS yet. It’s just the altered understanding of “reality” due to altered hormonal presence in the brain.

You know, the menstrual phase is your hormonal bottoming, and certain parts of your brain are very sensitive to oestrogen and progesterone, such as the centre of learning (hippocampus), the centre of regulating many organs (hypothalamus) and the centre of emotions (amygdala). (1) Not surprising thus if you and perhaps your surrounding  can notice when you are lacking of these magnificent hormones. Again, I’m not talking about PMS, when you are grumpy, moody and you are irritable and you rage. Just when “reality” comes across a vague category and you easily lose confidence, you want to withdraw and just contemplate.

This starts with puberty and goes on and on cyclically through menopause. The first huge transition is puberty. All parents know it’s special, but not all may know how hormones are propelling the teen girls to hang on the phone and why they have to go to the loo together. Well recognised and nourished hormonal transitions are pregnancy and after delivery. We do get lots of attention then. And though there are quite some talks and attention to the last one, when this cyclicality all withdraws, the menopause, it is still a challenge how to and to whom to talk about the variety of happenings and experiences around it. The best is probably to find a feminine circle to share. Feminine circle, socialising with women activates opiate reaction in the female brain. It seems to have progesterone boosting affect in child baring age and oxytocin increasing on all age groups.

If you join the October Endo-Gym retreat, you will have two evenings to share and discuss about your feelings, your story and your experiences.


(1) Louanne Brizendine The Female Brain, 2006.

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