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Progesterone, See the world through pink glasses

After my memorable experience with progesterone -most likely overdose, see former post-, I was asking around in my circles whether someone else experienced anything close to similar with natural progesterone cream: For a short while, until I fell asleep I saw the world through pink glasses.

I heard many different stories.

My question is most likely yours: is there a way to trust that next time I use the cream, I will have something like this again? (If a bit lighter, I’m still OK… ) Or, when and how much you have to use from the cream to get fully relaxed? Let’s say sedated? And not last, is it safe?

Just think about it this way. We, women, have been lucky to be drugged by progesterone each month for 30-40 years. Throughout the fertile years. At each ovulation we enjoy about 10 fold increase versus the amount we produce at the times of menstruation, or versus to what men produce. And during the last trimester of pregnancy progesterone levels increase about 20 times to what we have during menstruation. How on earth we would get into it again and again otherwise! Many of us remember of pregnancy with an ethereal smile as the happiest time in life! They feel like they live on valium as Dr. Sara Gottfried explains.

When I was pregnant, me, who can be completely stressed out about going to a dental cleaning, didn’t worry much about the approaching delivery. It must to do with the 20 times higher level of progesterone that drugged me, then again. Moms-to-be ‘s attention is usually off from global warming, pollution and that it’s not the right time, not the right partner or whatever reason there is out there to avoid childbirth.

Because this natural antidepressant, this soothing, sedating hormone (progesterone) is concentrated in the brain cells 20 times higher than that in the blood, we can suspect that it has a role more in the brain than in the body. (2)

It’s sedating effect is caused by a metabolite of progesterone called allopregnanolone that is active at GABA receptors. GABA is a neurotransmitter inhibitor and tends to have a calming effect. Progesterone’s sedation of the central nervous system is sufficiently potent in higher doses that has been used as an anaesthetic as Dr Lee suggests. He continues that when used in small doses, progesterone is commonly effective in restoring normal sleep patterns and promoting a sense of calm.

One of the girls who used the same cream as me told me that she did check her blood progesterone levels after applying the cream. The lab test showed visible increase.

Yet, she did not feel sedated as I did. My next question is how come. What does it depend on? I will investigate it in the coming weeks by asking medical professionals and scientists.

Stay with me! And if you want to ask something about progesterone from my interviewee, send me your questions to!

(1) Sara Gottfried M.D. : Hormone Cure

(2) John R. Lee, M.D. : What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause

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