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Best Drugs On Earth / I.

Last Friday night my mind was spinning around some happenings, couldn’t fall asleep. After an hour I started to worry. The number of possible sleeping hours were drastically shrinking, and after 1.5 hour I saw my brain shrinking, too, if I would miss sleeping at least 7 hours. I can’t recall having something like this. This is not normal, I agreed. And without any doubt I grabbed a tube of cream. I got it from one of the girls more than a year ago. She planned to use it to balance off her oestrogen dominance, but her skin developed allergic reaction to this particular product. It’s a natural progesterone cream. Every once in awhile I recommend it as a quick fix opportunity, but because it’s still an external hormone, I haven’t really dared to use it. I grew up hearing that external hormones are not good. But now, I got to the point that anything that could stop this busy head thinking, was welcome. And without the slightest hesitation I generously applied the cream on the tender part of my right arm then on the left, … Guess what? The whole universe vanished in a minute. I was drugged, I felt high. All I remember is that I thought “oooh, thiis feeels goooooooo”… and without finishing the sentence I was deep asleep.

Saturday morning I was impressed by this extraordinary experience, and while doing my morning routine to get ready for the day I tried to summon my memories about the other 2 times when I -forgettably- tried the cream in the past 1.5 year. The first time I was extremely careful, put just like a size of a small dried pea on my wrists. No effect. Second time I used a tiny bit more cream, and felt some light calming effect. It was still forgettable. It certainly didn’t remind me of being high then. Anyways, if I didn’t have children, I might keep thinking more about feelings, now I had to run to make them happy. So I couldn’t contemplate about last night any longer. Especially when we got back home in the afternoon, and my spiking high libido didn’t leave me in peace. I couldn’t contemplate about anything else but how we could be alone with my love for half an hour. Then I thought this is indeed remarkable, if progesterone cream may have such effect on a woman in her 50.

Can it really have such affect?

I will investigate it in the coming posts.

If YOU have any kind of experience with progesterone cream, please share either in email or here bellow!!!

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