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Martina joined POPin and her thyroid results improved

Do you feel often depressed? Is your bowel movement less frequent than daily one? You are losing hair on your head and no matter which shampoo you are trying your hair remains brittle; Further, you can't find the right body lotion, your skin is just dry. Your partner is certain that you keep snacking when alone, because you visibly gained weight, though you eat just as much as you used to. You need an extra blanket when the rest of the family feels fine watching tele; You often forget what you wanted to say; and the list goes on, through irregular periods to infertility or over time to dementia.

If you recognise couple of these complaints, you most likely experience symptoms of hypothyroidism. The very special thing about thyroid hormones is that each cell of your body can connect to them. Meaning that each cell of your body can understand the messages they are transporting. On the contrary of leptin or oestrogen or many other hormones, that are recognised only in certain parts of the body. Thyroid hormones you just can't ignore.

Don't worry, hypothyroidism may come and go. About 7% of women develop so called postpartum thyroiditis after giving birth for instance. If this happens the immune system attacks the thyroids causing mood swings, lethargy, thinning hair, and difficulty with weight loss. It may spontaneously disappear. But if you notice that your worrying symptoms remain, you can still do many things in order to reverse the problem. Your thyroids are highly sensitive for lifestyle, so they pay back your efforts.

When your scores are in the alarm zone and you are ready to step up for yourself, follow these 3 bio-hacks:

  • Exercise POPin minimum weekly once

  • Supplement with zinc (30mg / day)

  • You may try adding selenium supplement (200 microgram / day) to the zinc, so you take both;

***If you want to know the why’s, continue reading:

POPin exercises are technical with inversions and excess breath work. While they significantly improve pelvic functions, they show to bring improvement in thyroid functions, too. Martina wrote this to us recently:

After 3 months of doing the POPin exercises, I reduced the dose of L-Thyroxine from 62,5 to 50. Before I started exercising 62,50 no longer seemed enough as TSH had raised to 3,84 and I was considering raising the dose) and now after a few weeks of exercising my TSH is 1.38 with 50 of L-Thyroxine. I’ll keep exercising. It is a very good result for which I thank you!!!!” —- Martina, from Brussels;

For the supplements a 12-week long study can give you explanation. It shows that zinc supplementation and zinc with additional selenium can increase thyroid hormone levels. Researchers divided 68 obese women with underactive thyroid into four groups.

  • Group 1 received 30 milligrams of zinc and 200 micrograms of selenium

  • Group 2 received 30 mg of zinc only

  • Group 3 received 200 micrograms of selenium only

  • Group 4 received a placebo

At the end of the study researchers found that participants in the zinc-selenium group show a 9.2% increase and the zinc only group had an even more remarkable, 27 % increase in Free T3 hormone levels. Free T4 levels also went up by 12.4 % among patients taking both zinc and selenium. The ratio between Free T3 and Free T4 also improved significantly in both groups.

Link to the study: Zinc and Selenium Improve Thyroid Function in Obese, Hypothyroid Women by Apr 26, 2016.


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