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Childhood traumas to heal with Grounding Exercises and the Wisdom of Chakras

Charlotte is 4-6 month old and her mom suffers from alcohol addiction. The mom won’t be able to give her adequate nurturing and support in the middle of her own misadventure, and Charlotte will feel abandoned. She wants to survive and she chooses the survival strategy of disconnecting from the earth, ignoring the base of existence, the ground, the safety, the core. Charlotte grows to be an intelligent young girl, but her childhood wounds she doesn’t want to break up open. They created too much of fear in her. She’s avoiding facing with them, and as a result she has trouble connecting with her body later on in her life. She has problem gaining weight even.

Charlotte needs to start working on her Root Chakra. She needs to engage with the earth through the legs and feet in a way that brings energy consciously and deliberately. Grounding exercises can open up her Root Chakra, and will help her to move away from the former survival strategy, when she disconnected from the earth, from the material, from the body.

The problem comes when as adults we keep repeating those strategies that served us in our childhood, but they won’t assist our survival any longer.

We need to constantly adapt, by repeated exercises we need to create new habits and establish new patterns.

The chakra system provides a connection between psychology and spirituality.

It is a profound system for healing and awakening. Awakening to personal growth. It is a formula of wholeness meaning if you address your life on each level of the 7 chakras you have a recipe for becoming whole. And it is an architecture of the soul. Just like we study the architecture of the body, the muscles, the mind. It has its own patterns and a way of relating from the inside to the outside world through 7 sacred elements.

As we align with the centres we align with the outer world. As we clean up the different areas things change, they become easier; relationships and communication become easier and the awakening energy brings a sense of well-being.

To master them takes a long time and it happens through meditations, visualisations, breath work, working with mantras and colours. Exercises are cumulative. Doing them once can produce an effect but it is doing them over and over again as practices that produces long-term benefits. The purpose of the practices is to make you more aware of your body, soul, of who you are and the life force that moves through you.

Part of the work is understanding where and how your chakras got programmed. We correlate them to different stages of childhood development in which a child learns basic things about the world, and masters certain tasks. Balancing them or living in balance means examining the excesses or deficiencies in us and the copying strategies that were developed accordingly.

Taste of Chakras workshop series in the Tree of Life Tervuren guides you through each chakra with the related hormonal gland to unlock your free energy flow of happiness, to make you thrive. You can join the sessions one by one, starting with 22nd of September! Book your spot:

Written by Monika Branat psychotherapist.

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